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Genuine Thermal Binding

reliure thermique

My binding

Individual Thermabinder for pre-glued covers
Multifonctional Thermabinder for pre-glued covers

Compact Perfect Binder for casing cover
Workshop Perfect Binder for casing cover
High volume Use Perfect Binder for casing cover

Bound in hardcover book and album type
Realization of personalized covers

Thermabinder: Planax, binding by thermo-adhesive strip.

Binding machine by thermoplastic adhesive, cold glue

Pre-glued covers for thermal binders
Casing cover (Flat covers without glue, back cardbord, clear recto for perfect binders)
Thermo-Sticky Strip
Cold Melt

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Binding Machines


Manual Binders
Plastic Manual CombBinder
Manual Coilbinder
Manual WireBinder
Manual Proclick / ClickBind
Electrics Binders
Plastic Electrics CombBinder
Electrics Coilbinder
Electrics WireBinder
Electrics Proclick / ClickBind
Professionnal Binders
Plastic Professionnal CombBinder
Professionnal Coilbinder
Professionnal WireBinder
The range of SureBind binding machines
The range of multifunctional binding machines
Binder / Coilbinder for notarial binding by sure strips
Ibiclick Binding
The range of Binding machines Calendar Binding
The range of Binding machines Channel Binding
Plastic rings
Metal Rings
Plastic Spirals
Notarial Binding – Sure trips
ClickBind Binding
Flat Cover : Transparent and cardboard
Hangers for Calendar Binding
Binding accessories channel

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Laminating Machines


Pouch Machines
Pouch laminators A4

Pouch laminators A3

Pouch laminators A2 and A1

Manual Laminators for mounting

Professional Cold Laminators

Professional Hot and Cold Laminators

Small series Laminators

Laminator medium series

Wide format laminators - High performance

Laminating Pouches
Laminating and Assembly Films
Laminating Films

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shredders 7550X

GBC Shredmaster 3890D Super Micro-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 3870M Super Micro-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 4550X Cross-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 4500S Strip-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 5550X Cross-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 5500S Strip-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 5570M Super Micro-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 6550X Cross-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 6500S Strip-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 7550X Cross-Cut
GBC Shredmaster 7500S Strip-Cut

Shredder Accessories

shredders 7550X

100 7AS3000 shredders bags suitable for 3000, 4000 and 5000 models
50 Heavy duty sacks
12 Shedder oil sheets suitable for use with all models
20 Shredder oil sheets suitable for use with all models
Shredder self oiling oil suitable for use with all models
Shredder self oiling oil suitable for use with 7000 Models
50 WS2 shredder bags suitable for 6000 and 7000 models


Pre-glued covers

 Pre-glued covers
Chromomat Series
Chromolux Series
Standing Series
Grain Leather Series

Casing cover

Casing cover
Chromomat 250g Casing cover
Popset Series
Grain Leather Series
Chromolux 250g Casing cover
CopyLux Series
Rigid Series


Rigid covers for Secura
Channel covers by soft clamping
Channel covers by hard clamping

Thermo-Sticky Strip

Thermo-Sticky Strip
Thermal strips for Copy Binder

Cold gluing

Cold gluing
Glue for cold gluing Binding
Accessories for cold gluing Binding
Babs supplies
Taping machines supplies


Cleaning product


Plastic rings

Plastic rings
High quality COMBBIND SPINE 21R

Metal Rings

34 Loop Wires
23 Loop Wires
Ibiwire 21Loop Wires
WireBind Spines per reel

Plastic Spirals

Plastic Spirals
CoilBind Spines 4 :1 Pitch


SureBind Strips 10-prong
VeloBind Strips 4-prong

Notarial Binding – Sure trips

Notarial Binding – Sure trips
Brass screws 4-prong
Brass Reaches

ClickBind Binding

ClickBind for Pronto P3000

Flat Cover : Transparent and cardboard

Flat Cover
LinenWeave 250gsm Flat Covers
LeatherGrain Flat Covers
Colorit Copy Flat Covers
Flat granulated PVC Regency
100% Polypropylene without PVC
200gsm Marbled Copylux Flat Covers
Transparent for A4 binding, A3 Color
Transparent Flat Covers
250gsm White Chromolux Flat
250gsm Chromolux Color Flat
250gsm White Chromomat Flat
Polyclear View

Binding accessories channel

Channel covers by soft clamping
Channel covers by hard clamping

Laminating Pouches

Laminating Pouches

Card Pouches, Glossy Large Sizes
Card Pouches Standard Sizes
Card Pouches Glossy, Special Sizes
Card Pouches EZ-IN Glossy
Card Pouch Small Sizes
Matt Pouches
Organise Pouch
Retrievable Card Pouches
Peel n' Stick Pouch
UV Safe Pouch
Framed Pouch
Card Pouches packs

Laminating and Assembly Films

 Laminating and Assembly Films

Film rollers for Ultima 35
Polyester reel for Image 320
Film rollers for ALM 3220
Polyester reel Mandrel of 25 mm
Polyester reel adhesive back cover Mandrel of 25 mm
Polyester reel Mandrel of 57 mm
Polyester reel adhesive back cover Mandrel of 57 mm

Laminating Films

 Laminating Films

Glossy 12 microns
Matt 12 microns
Lamination Film dry
Supplies for Digicoater 33/50/50 Primer