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The Channel binding !

A good idea is nothing without the proper presentation. With the Channel binding, you can give your important documents the appearance they deserve: professional. But that’s not all! This binding also surpasses all other binding systems by its speed and simplicity. Your documents and presentations have never made so good impression.

It is THE solution which makes binding easier and more attractive than ever. You can directly see the main advantage: impressive bindings and which can normally be realized only by using a binder. In just a few steps, you have a perfectly bound document up to 280 pages. Just put the paper in the shirt of binding, squeeze and you’re done! The paper sheets are solidly maintained - no holes or glue.

These professional machines will require any prior adjustment and can be stored vertically or horizontally. Available with many advanced technical specifications and present a solid construction.

CH 140

RBS - CHANNEL 140. Compact version of the Channel 280. Ideal machine for small offices, home offices, agencies, occasional use. - Binds up to: 140 sheets
350.00 € (Suggested Price)

CH 280

RBS - CHANNEL 280. Create a professional bound document in less than 15 seconds. Ideal for professional users, including universities, copy shops, book binders, large offices, photo shops. - Binds up to: 280 sheets
430.00 € (Suggested Price)