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The secure notarial binding, what it is?

reliure notariale securisée The notarial binding is a process which avoids any substitution or addition pages.

Avoid signing each page, a signature to the last page is enough!

This binding system makes interdependent pages.

Principle :
- A ribbon stuck on the front of the signature page crosses by a slit the whole document and returns to stick itself on the back of the signature page.
- Fixed rivets in the axis of the slit (up to a thickness of 16 mm) ensure the solidity of the document. If the thickness of your document is greater than 16mm, screws and brass extensions will replace the rivets.
- A stamp on the first one and last page shows the use of a secure binding system.
Easy and fast, this machine can be used by your whole staff!

Securit Bind

RBS SECURIT BIND - The secure binding for legal and financial files. The binding which avoids signing the pages of deeds, markets, contracts, descriptions, valuer's reports etc.. Secure binding.... You only sign the last page.
1190.00 € (Suggested Price)