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Discover all our other equiments

Manual Stapler Manual Stapler
Electric Stapler Electric Stapler
Stitching machine Stitching machine
Bookletmaker Bookletmaker
Mail opener Mail opener
Jogger A4 Jogger A4
 Bookletmakers & Trimmers/Creasers Bookletmakers & Trimmers/Creasers
 Collator Collator
 Bookletmakers & Trimmers Bookletmakers & Trimmers
 Booklet Trimmers Booklet Trimmers
 SquareFold Bookletmakers SquareFold Bookletmakers
 Papersheet counter  Papersheet counter
 Eyeletting machines Eyeletting machines
 Hole Punching Machine Hole Punching Machine
Corners Punching Machine Corners Punching Machine
 Strapper  Strapper
 Packaging Machine Packaging Machine
 Cardboard Shredders  Cardboard Shredders