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Discover all our binding machines

Combbinding Combbinding :
* Plastic Manual CombBinder
* Plastic Electrics CombBinder
* Plastic Professionnal CombBinder
Combbinding The Combbinding has clearly become the "standard " of documents presentation, office, school or business through a wide range of applications. Ideal for internal use.
WireBinding WireBinding :
* Manual WireBinder
* Electrics WireBinder
* Professionnal WireBinder
WireBinding The WireBinding has all the advantages by professional reqested and has adapted to the desktop market.
Coilbinding Coilbinding :
* Manual And Electrics Coilbinder
* Professionnal Coilbinder
Coilbinding The Coilbinding uses 47 round holes for A4 paper in which a plastic or metal spiral of high quality will be inserted: it's the secret of its openness to 360 ° and its excellent weight / strength
Surebinding Surebinding
Surebinding The 4-pin Velobind Binding is ideal for personal use or for small offices.
Bookbinding Surebind to 10 pins in turn is the professional solution when secure and tamper-proof documents are necessary.
Multifunctional Binding Reliure Multifonction
Multifunctional Binding Multifunctional machines for all your needs: SureBind strips, WireBind spines( 21 and 34 loops) and ClickBind for mixed uses to the office. Can not decide between the big popularity of CombBind system and the strength of WireBind system? Here is the Solution !!!
Notary Binding Notary Binding
Notary Binding The notarial binding is a process which avoids any substitution or addition pages. Avoid signing each page, a signature to the last page is enough!
Reliure Clickbind Ibiclick Binding
Ibiclick Binding ClickBind is the most upscale and easy to use spine and gets you maximum attention with minimal effort. 34 hole spines zip and unzip with a ClickBind editing tool or by hand so you can add and remove pages anywhere, anytime. ClickBind spines are compatible with any ClickBind or WireBind 3:1 hole pattern.
Channel Binding Channel Binding
Channel Binding Channel Binding : A good idea is nothing without the proper presentation. With the Channel binding, you can give your important documents the appearance they deserve: professional. But that’s not all! This binding also surpasses all other binding systems by its speed and simplicity. Your documents and presentations have never made so good impression.