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1500.00 € (Suggested Price)

Product description :
Electronic Production shredders are powerful and designed for heavy office or company use. They feature:

* Continuous Duty Motors
* The exclusive Jam-Stopper® Electronics - provides:
o Solid one-piece cutting head to handle staples and paper clips.
o Bag-Full Sensor to shut off shredder before back-end jams occur.
o Auto Stop on Jam to minimize motor wear and tear.
* Deep, funnel-shaped throat - simplifies paper feeding by accommodating oversized sheets and disorganized stacks.
* Automatic On/Off - provides convenient one-handed operation.
* Large Shred Bins - allow for long runs between bag changes and casters provide easy mobility.
Strip Cut Production Paper Shredder
"Ideal for centralized office use by multiple users in a department or company."

The GBC 6500S Office Shredder - The 6500S shredder is suitable for all types of shredding applications. Shreds 28 to 30 sheets into 1/4" strips at a fast 25 feet per minute including staples and paper clips. Features SmartShred controls and Jam-Stopper electronics. The shredder has an auto on-off operation. Continuous-duty motor never needs a cool down period. Full size, 16in opening, suitable for all types of shredding applications from regular paper up to EDP-computer size paper. Large bag capacity lets you shred longer. The shredder's bin-full indicator and reverse function insure trouble-free operation. SmartShred controls: Four visual indicators keep you informed - Power On, Bag-Full, Overload and Door Ajar. Jam-Stopper electronics: Solid one-piece cutters shred staples and paper clips without jamming. Bag-full sensor shuts off shredder before back-end jams occur. Auto stop on jam eliminates motor wear and tear.

- Shredder Accessories

* Production Model 6500S Strip Cut Paper Shredder
* 16" Throat
* 1/4" Shred Size
* 28-30 Sheet Capcaity
* 25 FPM
* Shreds Staples and Paper Clips
* 1 1/2 HP
* Continuous Duty
* 55 Gallon Bin
* 38"H x 25.5"W x 23.5"D
* 3 year parts and labor warranty; lifetime on cutters