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FM 150
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FinishMaster 150

From the floor model design with its 30 inch-long register board, to the conveyor outfeed delivery, everything about the FinishMaster 150 spells productivity. Operating at speeds up to 20,000 standard-size sheets per hour, the "150" is ideal for mid to long run finishing. Anvil-style perforation provides a burr-free flat finish. Blades can be changed in seconds, without removing any shafts. Production and value in one package.


Electrical: 120V/230V, 60/50Hz, 3.0 Amp
Speed: 20,000, 11 x 8.5"/A4 sheets per hour
Dimensions: Length: 68" (1.73m)
idth: 27" (0.69m)
Height: 46" (1.17m)
Weight: 291 lbs. (132kg)
Maximum Stock Size: 18" x 18" (45cm x 45cm)
Minimum Stock Size: 3"W x 5"L (7.6cm x 12.7cm)
Stock weight: 12# - 12 point (45 - 250 gsm)
Perforating Blade Options: 2,4,6,8,12,16 TPI
MICROPERF Blade Options: 42 or 72 TPI
Scoring Blade Options: wide (standard), narrow or double
Slitting Blade: Optional
Register Board: Yes; 30 inches long
Conveyor Outfeed Delivery: Standard

* Variable speed, up to 20,000 standard-size sheets per hour
* 30 inch-long register board for easy set-up AND perfect register!
* Floor model on castors; doesn't need dedicated table or floor space
* Perforating options: 2,4,6,8,12,16 TPI
* MICROPERF options: 42 or 72 TPI
* Scoring options: wide (standard), narrow or double
* Optional slitting blade available
* Blade changes in seconds
* Ability to control depth of each perf/score/slit independently
* Automatic feed
* Conveyor outfeed delivery supplied standard
* 2 accessory holders supplied standard, each with one 12 TPI perf blade and one score blade