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IPF 820
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Product description :
The 44-inch wide imagePROGRAF iPF820 PRO is ideal for those involved in high-volume production printing by providing a complete workflow solution that includes a dual roll large format printer in conjunction with CAD|STATION PS+ and True Adobe® PostScript® software. The iPF820 PRO solution helps to boost productivity and facilitate workgroup printing by creating a powerful software and hardware combination.

Designed for efficient job management, CAD|STATION PS+ creates a seamless workflow by providing batch printing and nesting capabilities, options for web-based job submission, as well as job and print queue management abilities. The software also has the capability to track usage information for cost and account management so business owners are able to specifically target where costs are being incurred.

With a high speed throughput, an Economy Print Mode, 80GB hard drive, and sub-ink tank system, the iPF820 PRO is a truly effective solution for end-users looking to streamline their workflow.

A complete production package that includes a True Adobe® Postscript® color RIP with advanced job management and accounting software, providing greater functionality for workgroups. This software will help simplify batch printing procedures, relieves the image processing burden from end-user workstations for faster throughput, and includes advanced accounting and job-cost tracking functions.

* Printing of industry-specific file formats such as HP-GL/2, HP-RTL, CGM, CALS, AutoCAD, DWF, DXF, and DWG as well as PS, EPS, PDF, TIFF, BMP and others.
* A complete tool set provides additional controls over output options and helps manage batch printing more efficiently.
* The color RIP capabilities include profiles for a wide variety of media along with color calibration tools.
* Accounting functions track output activity and record details such as project, customer, or cost center information to simplify invoicing and project cost accounting.
* Job-based Web Submission.
* Client/Server Architecture with the ability to support an unlimited number of clients.

Productivity: Print Longer Without Interruption

The two large paper rolls for the iPF820 PRO allows printing for hundreds of feet. Automatically switch between different media types or use two rolls of the same paper for continuous printing of large, consecutive runs. And with Canon's unique sub-ink tank system, you can replace ink on-the-fly without stopping the printer. Choose extra large 700ml ink tanks for increased productivity. For long print runs, a high-capacity media basket comes standard with the iPF820. Add the optional high-capacity stacker for even greater print yields when printing on plain paper.

The optional stacker provides a flat surface to offload prints and eliminates the need for operator handling. Built for high productivity, this stacker automatically picks up documents of mixed document sizes and stacks them up to 300 sheets.

High-Speed Printing: L-COA processor

Canon's advanced system architecture achieves print speeds up to 688 ft./hr.2 on uncoated media. When you need to keep projects moving forward and meet deadlines, this kind of speed is critical. Output two D-size (24”x36”) drawings per minute or print a full color, 2400x1200 dpi high resolution A0 size image with full graphic coverage on heavyweight coated paper in only three minutes. Powering these incredible print speeds is Canon's L-COA processor, at the heart of every imagePROGRAF printer.

The L-COA (Large Format Printer COmmon Architecture) print controller drives the imagePROGRAF print engine to lay down ink with exceptional speed and precision. This unique, high-speed processor enables the print system to process large volumes of data while optimizing output of complex high-color GIS images and architectural renderings for maximum readability and color accuracy.
Precision Printing: High-Density Print Head

Engineered for speed and advanced image production, the iPF820 boasts Canon's latest print-head technology to lay down ink with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The iPF820 uses a high-precision, high-density print head with a total of 15,360 nozzles to lay down 4 picoliter-size ink droplets that produce sharp detail and excellent image quality. The result is consistently accurate 2400 x 1200 dpi output with fine lines that are accurate to ± 0.10% and as thin as 0.02mm.
80GB Hard Drive

A built-in 80GB hard drive within the printer increases productivity by relieving workload from the host PC, while providing a large capacity for print job data storage, and retrieval. This 80GB hard drive enables job data to be stored in protected mailboxes for easy access via web browser or at the printer for job re-printing. The embedded hard disk is ideal for medium to large workgroups to share a printer efficiently with multiple users, offering ample job storage space.
Economy Print Mode

Reduce total ink consumption by utilizing the Economy Print Mode for producing draft prints on select media. This feature regulates the use of all inks to produce quick check plots while minimizing the cost per print.
Printer Type
5-Color 44-inch Dual Roll Printer
Number of Nozzles
Total: 15,360
MBK: 5,120 nozzles
C, M, Y, BK: 2,560 nozzles each
Nozzle Pitch
1,200 dpi
Non-firing nozzle detection and compensation
Print Resolution (Up to)
2,400 x 1,200 dpi (Max)
OS Compatibility
Windows® (2000/XP/Vista 32/64bit)
Standard Interface
USB 2.0 High-Speed
10/100 Base-T/TX
Optional: IEEE 1394 (Firewire®)
Ink Compatibility
4 picoliter
Ink Capacity
330ml per color (Optional 700ml)
Ink Types
Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink
Color Set
Dye: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Pigment: Matte Black
384 MB
Hard Drive
Media Width
Cut Sheet: 8" - 44"
Roll: 10" - 44"
Media Thickness
Front Loading Manual Feed: 0.07 - 0.8mm (2.8 - 31.4mil)
Roll: 0.07 - 0.8mm (2.8 - 31.4mil)
Maximum Roll Print Length
59 Feet (18 meters)2
Maximum Media Roll Diameter
5.9" (150mm)
Borderless Printing Width (Roll Media Only)
(Roll Media Only): 10", 14", 17", B2 (20.3"/515 mm), A1 (23.4" /594 mm), A0 (33.1"/841 mm), 24", 36", B0 (40.6"/1,030mm), 42"
Paper-Feed Method
Roll Feed: Two Rolls, front output
Front Loading Manual Feed: One sheet, front output
GARO (Canon Proprietary), HP-GL/2, HP RTL
Noise Level (Approx.)
Operation: 52 dB (A) or less
Standby: 35 dB (A) or less
Acoustic Power: 6.8 Bels
Physical Dimensions
45.1" (H) x 74.6" (W) x 50.9" (D)
Approximately 416.7 lbs. with stand
Power Source
AC-100-120V (50-60Hz)
Power Consumption
Maximum: 190W or less
Standby: 6W or less
Power Off: 1W or less (Compliant with Executive Order)
Operating Environment
Temperature: 59°-86° F (15°-30° C)
User-replaceable items
Print Head (PF-03)
Maintenance Cartridge (MC-09)
Ink Tanks (PFI-303/PFI-703)
Software Included
CAD|STATION PS+ Software, Canon Printer Driver, Digital Photo Front-Access, Printer Driver Extra Kit (Free Layout, imageRUNNER Linking Function), HDI Driver for AutoCAD3


• Format (pouces) : 1118mm / 44pouces
• Procédé d impression : Bulle d encre
• Résolution (dpi) : 2400 x 1200
• Vitesse d impression : Brouillon 76,6 m²/heure, Haute qualité 40 m²/heure, A1 24 secondes,A0 47 secondes
• Pilote : Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista / Macintosh OS9, OS 10, Marque CE,Certification CB, TÜV (GS), Gost-R, UL, FCC classe B
• Mémoire vive (RAM) : 385 Mo
• Disque dur : 81go
• Dimension : 1 893 x 1291 x 1144 mm
• Poids 189 kg
• Interface : USB-2 + Ethernet
• Garantie imprimante et tête d impression garantie 1 an : Imprimante Possibilités d extension de garantie de 3 à 5 ans
• Type d encre : Encres pigment Lucia, 5 couleurs, Noir mat x2, Noir, Cyan, Magenta, Jaune
• Taille des goutelettes : 4 pl par couleur
• Contenance des cartouches : 330 ml et 700 ml
• Consommation d encre (ml)* :
      * Papier ordinaire - tracé plan : 0,553 ml par A0
      * Papier ordinaire - standard 0,697 ml par A0
      * Papier couché standard : 0,575 par A0
• Tête d impression : 6 couleurs intégrées, (6 lignes couleur par tête d impression X 1 têtes d impression), Nombre de buses : 2560 x 6 = 15 360 buses
• Type de tête d impression : PF - 03
• Types de supports : papier standard, papier couché, couché mat, papier photo brillant, photo satiné, photo réaliste, papier calque CAO
• Alimentation papier : 2 Rouleaux, Chargement avant, Sortie avant
• Epaisseur du papier : 0,07 – 0,8 mm
• Largeur max. des supports : R: 254- 1118 mm, F: 203- 1118 mm
• Avantages technologiques :

      * impression bord à bord
      * calibrage des couleurs intégré
      * 2 modes d alimentation papier
      * large écran LCD
      * langages HP- GL/2 et HP RTL intégrés
      * driver HDI
      * Rotation automatique HP RTL
      * Paramètres de palette de couleurs et d épaisseur des traits HP-GL/2 / Émulation des palettes couleurs Canon et HP
      * correction automatique d alignement médias
      * compatibilté avec tous les RIPS
      * Plug-in Microsoft Office
      * Mode économique pour consommation encre
      * Rouleau d alimentation médias
      * Réservoir d encre auxiliaire
      * Massicot autonome à double lame rotative
      * Disque dur de 80Gb