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Ideal 8304

IDEAL 8304 Paper Folding Machine. Precise folding of A4 or 12“ letters, forms, leaflets in four different fold types
575.00 € (Suggested Price)

CFM 500

Folding Machine CFM 500. Effective machine designed for paper folding up to A4 size. Ideal equipment for small offices and copy shops offering 3 types of folds.
870.00 € (Suggested Price)

EP 42F

Versatile desktop Folding The EP-42F is a top quality desktop folder that accommodates up to A3-size paper.
1540.00 € (Suggested Price)

CFM 600

Folding Machine CFM 600. Very efficient machine for paper folding up to A3 size. Easily manipulated unit allowing users to make as much as 6 types of folds.
1850.00 € (Suggested Price)


Friction Fed Uchida F25N Paper Folder. The A3 F25N is a reliable, user friendly entry level Friction-Fed Folding Machine with five paper folds
2370.00 € (Suggested Price)

CFM 650

Folding Machine CFM 650. Very efficient machine for paper folding up to A3 size. Easily manipulated unit allows users to make as much as 6 types of folds.
2490.00 € (Suggested Price)

MTI Plus

Folding Machine TF MULTI plus (up to A4) . The innovative table top folder - three in one. Three feeding stations can be combined individually. This enables a new dimension of applications.
2600.00 € (Suggested Price)

PM 125

The PM 125 map folding machine will save you a lot of time. Very easy to use, just introduce the map in the machine, put the lever back and forward a few times and the map is folded.
3150.00 € (Suggested Price)

F 43 N

The A3 F43N is a top-selling, fully-featured easy-to-use universal Friction-Fed Folding Machine, with automatic size recognition, digital counter and seven paper folds
4110.00 € (Suggested Price)

920 S

ELCTRICAL MAP FOLDING MACHINE 920S. Can perform cross folding. Max. folding width : 950mm. Speed : 10M/min (A0 in 10 sec). Paper thicknes : from 80 up to 110gr. Suitable for normal, thermal, and plotter paper.
6570.00 € (Suggested Price)


UCHIDA’s New Paper Folding Machine The Aerofold. Its belt suction feeding system can fold up to SRA3 size of various types of papers, such as offset, coated, art, digital printed papers and more.
7800.00 € (Suggested Price)


Folder RBS-MAJOR. The perfect air feed folder for smaller format folding.
10640.00 € (Suggested Price)

Docufold MK2

Folder DOCUFOLD MK2. The latest generation Morgana folder is the DocuFold.
11990.00 € (Suggested Price)

920 H

ELECTRICAL MAP FOLDING MACHINE 920H. Fast map folding machine : 35M/min (A0 in 5 sec). Max folding width : 95cm. Suitable for normal, thermal and plotter papers from 80 to 110 gr.
12580.00 € (Suggested Price)

Digifold 5000 P

Folder Creaser RBS-DIGIFOLD 5000 P. DigiFold has been one of Morgana’s best selling products since it was first introduced in 2001. Over 1000 units were sold before the 5000P model was introduced at Drupa 2008. Offering greatly increased speed the 5000P h
33500.00 € (Suggested Price)

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